Free Help Desk software and Computer Support Tip.

Help Desk Fact: Companies that use Help Desk software notice that 80% of computer support problems are solved by the user having the problem! Because help desk staff is not answering the phone when a user has a computer problem, the user will take the time to double check system failures, such as a loose power cord and end up solving the problem themselves.

Help Desk Tip: A standard help desk response time should be at least 5 minutes. It may sound harsh, but users will learn to think before they call. In the end, it gives the help desk caller a sense of accomplishment when they solve simple problems, reduces help desk computer support problems and provides a more efficient call center.

The benefits of using Help Desk software to track computer support issues are:

Which Help Desk Software will you choose?
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QuickIntranet’s Help Desk has the following features:

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