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HelpDesk: Version 2.5
Date 12-21-03

This software is licensed to its downloader, you are not authorized to redistribute this software.
Failure to comply will result in prosecution under the maximum extent of the law.
You are authorized to modify this software for your organizations use. This software is not authorized to be resold.
Note: QuickIntranet will be releasing a version of this help desk software that uses MYSQL so that ODBC is not required.

1.1 Setup (If you don't follow setup directions the help desk will not function properly)

*You will be required to change some things in the .php files within this program, you can use ether Notepad, or any HTML editor

Unzip files to web server, do not change directory structure.


Create ODBC link.

Go to Control Panel
Go to Administrative Tools
Go to Data Sources (ODBC)
Click on "System DSN" tab
Click on "Add" button
Select "Driver do Microsoft Access (*.mdb)
Under Data Source Name enter: helpdesk
Click Select
Find the database on your computer for the helpdesk
Highlight the database so its name appears under Database Name
Click "ok" until your back to control panel.
Close Control Panel.

Other Settings
Navigate to \helpdesk\datasources\helpdesk.mdb
Make sure that everyone has write permissions to the database! (if you dont do this many problems will follow)
Open the M.S. Access Database.
Open accounts table
Enter the Adminitrative Users Information. These people will be able to use the help desk system.
*If for some reason you did change the help desk file structure you will need to change the field "HelpDeskAddress" for each account to mach your new directory structure.

Close accounts Table

Open inventory Table
*The Help Desk System does best with a list of your Network users and their computer names. This Is not required, but you should consider importing the data.

Close Database.

Surf to helpdesk/default.htm You should now be able to use the help desk system.

Other considerations:
reportproblem.htm has a list of support problems in a menu, you can edit this list in any html editor.

*Once in the Help Desk managment area you will notice a link to Intranet Search Engine Managment. This link will not
work as it was specific to our system, later versions of this help desk software will not contain said link.

If you want to use the Security Changes page, you will have to put your staff into the menus on sectracker.htm. Or implenent
a funtion that pulls menu lists from a database.


This software has been tested on a Windows2003 server with IIS 6 and PHP.This software has been tested on a Windows2000 server with IIS and PHP.
This software has been tested on a Windows NT4 server with IPlanet Web server and PHP.

There are some bugs in this software, none which could have negative impact on a system.
Report problems, comments etc to