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Liberum Help Desk Software Review

Pros: Liberum Help Desk Software is fairly easy to use. The setup process was significantly easier than Hot Open Tickets, however we still were required to manually configure some files. That being said we loved the help desk's support for both M.S. Access Database and MS. SQL Server as a backend That kind of flexibility is great considering it is a free software. The graphical interface was mostly done in html making it much more easy to customize.

Cons: The software is written in ASP so you will need to use a Microsoft server with IIS or an emulation add on which could be costly. Also, each user creates his or her own help desk account for submitting tickets, this could get messy to manage. The graphical from end was nice, but took abit to get use to, but not bad at all.

Final Conclusion: If your looking for a free help desk software, Liberum is worth testing out. Keep in mind you must have ASP to run this web based help desk software.


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